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i feel like i’m struggling massively with something that should be simple.

I need to give my scanner access to a shared folder on my ubuntu machine.

local ip of the laptop is:
location of the shared folder is: /Home/Documents/Scanned
i have found out i should use instead of / although i don’t understand why. I always though was for windows, not linux which would use /.

anyway i have tried all possible instances of the path with slashed to each side but i can’t seem to get it to actually work.

oh i also tried to find the full path name in the terminal by:
echo ~/Documents/Scanned

but i doubt that that is the correct way to find a full path

oh and I let nautilus use the standard settings for the shared folder.

i assume it’s using smb protocol, but am not sure of this.. (it does on windows machines)

Help on this would be highly appreciated!

Matt 🙂

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