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I have the following problem:
On my Win10 Laptop I use a WiFi connection to the university network to get internet access in my dorm room. I use a WiFi dongle with a USB-extension cable because I only get a good signal at the window. In order to get a WiFi for other devices in the dorm room I want to use the Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot feature. But whenever I activate it, my internet connection (which was working perfectly before) is not working anymore and I cannot even ping the google DNS server ( or The original WiFi connection (to the university network) is still listed as connected though. Could not find this phenomenon on google so I am asking here. Does anybody have an idea what the reason for this could be?

Fun fact: The concept was already working some months ago, for like 3 weeks but no success since then. Dunno what changed, maybe Windows Update?

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