#StackBounty: #8.0-oreo All Notifications Dismissed When Opening App

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So on my iPhone notification numbers disappear when I have viewed the message inside the actual application. Windows Phone works the same way. While all notifications disappear and the notifications dots when I simply open the Gmail/Messenger application in Android. Is there a setting for this maybe?

Right now I receive maybe 10 gmail or messenger notification emails and it dismisses all of the notifications(and notification dot) as if I have read them all when I open the Gmail application. This seems like very bizarre behavior to me. I just can’t open the app on my phone.

The hilarious thing is if I read one of the Gmail/Messenger notifications on my desktop it updates the notification properly and only dismisses one of the 10 notifications. I have tried applications like notifyer and do not get around this issue not to mention it is completely inconsistent with updating.

Edit: Ideally I am looking for a way to get this to work in just my mail application for sure.

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