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I was trying to install the cubemap package, using sudo apt-get install cubemap. I can’t remember whether I used the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C while it was installing, or if the package just failed to install.

Anyway, now whenever I turn on my computer from a shutdown, a popup appears in the top left of my screen that says something along the lines of “system problem detected. do you want to report it?”

In addition, whenever I install, remove, upgrade, etc or do anything with apt-get, It will work fine, but at the end, after it finishes, it says E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) I cant remove the cubemap package, and I have tried apt-get remove cubemap(returns this), I also tried apt-get purging, and apt-get autoremoving cubemap, but none work to remove it.

I know that in the above linked pastebin it says “Package ‘cubemap’ is not installed, so not removed”, but it also says ” 1 not fully installed or removed.”, and I think that the 1 package not fully removed is cubemap.

link to the full apt-get session

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