#StackBounty: #kernel #display How to disable graphics, consoles etc during kernel initialization?

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My kernel (4.14-amd64) is currently flickering a lot during stage while I simply have a flashing cursor. It is cosmetically annoying, and I would like to disable the graphics from starting until the initramfs is loaded and my proper Intel graphics driver loads.

Basically, I want to pause the initialization of the screen until the initramfs loads my plymouthd, or maybe later.

I’ve read so much info about this, I can’t link it all.

P.S. I don’t mind if the GRUB2 screen stays frozen during this stage.

P.P.S I have Debian Stretch (9) with a backports kernel

P.P.P.S This is my first question on this community! Feel free to correct me if this is a bad question, etc!

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