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I need to list nodes both in the main site navigation and within a section side navigation. Is it possible to target a specific menu for the Pathauto module to reference?

This is an example of the two menu structure.

Main Nav:  
- Home
-- Page A
--- Page A Child 1
--- Page A Child 2
-- Page B

Page A Side Nav:
- Page A Child 1
- Page A Child 2

This results in Page A Child 1 and Page A Child 2 having /Page-A-Child-1 and /Page-A-Child-2 as respective paths.

What I want is for both menus to have /Page-A/Page-A-Child-1 and /Page-A/Page-A-Child-2 as paths.

The pattern I’m using is [node:menu-link:parents:join-path]/[node:title].

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