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I am examining a new Surface Book 2 and missing the battery time remaining estimation.
On a Surface Pro 4 it behaves as expected and I try to check the differences.

If you google it, there are many opinions. Many user say it is missing since 1709 Update.

Obviously there are some (HP) Laptops that can bring back the information as an BIOS/UEFI option, so it seems to be an ACPI call?

Also the connected standby feature being disabled may bring back some behaviour.

I am currently checking this reg hive:

And I am wondering about the meaning of the entries.

e.g. UserBatteryDischargeEstimator which is nearly impossible to find with google and it exists only on the SP4.

Are there any Surface Book 2 out there that show that estimated time, so a UEFI issue could be ruled out?
Is it OS or Hardware related?

Any ideas or docs that may help with that issue?

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