#StackBounty: #events Could event watch() traverse from latest block number(tail) through head?

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In general, I assume events traverse from smaller to larger block number.

Goal: fromBlock: latest, toBlock: 0

Example: fromBlock: 0, toBlock: 'latest'

blockNum = 0;
var contract = myContract.LogJob({}, { fromBlock: blockNum, toBlock: 'latest' });
var i = 0;
contract.watch(function (error, result) {
    console.log(i++ + ": " + JSON.stringify(result));

For example, on a smart contract, some information is logged and over time it may updated, hence the latest event is valid. So I want to retrieve the latest event on my smart contract, without start scanning from the much smaller block number, which is time consuming and inefficient. So basically starting from ‘latest’ block number to smaller block, and break this iteration if I catch the event. Otherwise if I start from smaller block number, no matter what, I have to iterate till the latest block number.

[Q] Could event watch() traverse from 'latest' block number through 0th block number (or smaller block number)? this is basically reverse traverse operation in order to catch an event.

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