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I use WhatsApp on Genymotion. Chatting in the WhatsApp via Genymotion is fine, except, I wish to enable the WhatsApp web too, so I could free myself from bringing up the genymotion window all the time, instead, could just have all in my host machine browser.

To enable WhatsApp Web, it requires to scan a QR code generated on the web.

What I want to do:

  • Open web.whatsapp.com
  • Take a screenshot, crop the QR code only
  • Make the image available in Genymotion
  • Feed that image into the preview camera, which would be in turn available when I bring up the WhatsApp Web activation in WhatsApp.
  • The WhatsApp app would then think of the feed as coming live, thus enable the authorization.


I wish to feed an image to show in the Genymotion camera preview. How do I do that?

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