#StackBounty: #google-analytics #cookie Should I copy Google Analytics cookies between domains, or use Google's prefered method?

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I am in the process of investigating the way of moving from a current website to a new beta version, which lives on a different TLD. I am thinking about building a service that transfers a collection of different cookies (mostly tracking, cookie banner, etc) from the old to the new domain.

From what I can find, Google suggests passing the client ID to the new domain and injecting it into ga(), which can be read on https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/cross-domain.

However, because I would like to transfer other cookies anyway, I was wondering if I can just copy the analytics cookies from the old to the new domain. And if i CAN, i’m wondering if i SHOULD, i.e. are there any potential issues this can cause, or things that I should take into consideration with an approach like this.

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