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I am running GNOME 3.26 with GDM on X.org. I have an external monitor at work and I am running my Laptop (Dell XPS 9550) and the monitor in about the same resolution (regarding dpi; both around ~1900×1200 px).

When I unplug the monitor my laptop switches to a much higher resolution: 3200×1800 px. Most apps are working fine (Nautilus, Firefox, Chrome, GNOME apps, …), but some especially HiDPI aware apps like PHPStorm, Rambox, Typora (Java and Electron apps) show a much too small font and icon size.

The annoying thing is, I have to restart these applications to make them aware of the new resolution. Is there a way to trigger this behavior without restarting the applications?

I know that I could run the laptop in standalone mode in the same resolution as when I have the external monitor plugged in, but I’d like to use the higher resolution, the above setup is actually already a workaround for the same problem, when running two displays with highly different dpi.

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