#StackBounty: #r #time-series #model #bioinformatics How can I analyze multi-dimensional (concentration, time, …) dose-response data?

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I have data where different compounds were applied to cells and a numerical readout was measured.

  • Each compound was used at multiple concentrations
  • The readout was measured at multiple points in time.
  • Compound-dose combinations were applied to two types of cells.

The goal is to identify compounds which affect the cell types in very different ways.

My current approach is to use the R package drc to fit 3-parameter log-logistic models to estimate an EC50 for each (cell type, time point) combination. Afterward, I use ad hoc methods like examining differences of EC50s to identify compounds which affect the two cell types differently.

Is there a way to fit a dose-response model which accounts for the time variable as well, or ideally both the time variable and the cell type variable? A solution in R is preferred.

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