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This feels like a repeat post but I can’t find an actual answer. I just installed Drupal 8.4.4 on an Azure App Service (S3 Standard 4core 7GB RAM / PHP 7.0.6) and Azure Database for MySQL (Standard 100 computes / v5.6.26.0). I’ve been told the host isn’t the issue.

Out of the box, the admin side is incredibly slow, like 4-5 seconds per click. I enabled page caching, and CSS/JS are aggregating. Dog slow. I worked through this and created my content types, added a couple of extensions, and enabled BigPipe (reported to help but didn’t).

What am I missing? How do I improve performance before I ask my content authors to start loading up content?

Status report from Drupal. (I have since fixed the reported trusted host settings error)

Performance of the page in Chrome. Looks like 2.8s waiting on the page

I created a test.php file, and queried mysql directly, the key_value table, and dumped all of that to the page, about 576 rows, and it returned instantly. Appears to be Drupal specifically?

Devel bar on public page 182 DB queries

Devel bar on admin page 233 DB queries

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