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We are using nativescript with angular for our mobile app. I want to use the Google Play pre-launch report feature, but our app requires a password to be entered. Google Play allows specifying a password but you need a resource name so the testing script can identify where to put the password.

How can I specify or receive the resource name of a nativescript textfield, either in the view or by code behind or via any other means?

The view in question:

      <StackLayout class="form">
    <GridLayout columns="*,90" rows="50">
      <TextField #inviteTx
        class="input input-border"
      <Button col="1" height="50" class="btn btn-primary w-full fa" text="START " (tap)="enter(inviteTx.text)"></Button>

I did some research and found out that in native android, one could add an id to a TextField by adding an android:id attribute.

<TextView android:id="@+id/nameTextbox"/>

This does not seem to work in nativescript, I cannot find the resource in R.java afterwards.

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