#StackBounty: #html #ssl #url #sharepoint Connect to a site via SSL not URL? Why does this make a difference?

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Follow on from this question:

Can i over-ride IE enterprise mode from HTML?

I succeeded, in hosting a D3 SVG visualisation on my company sharepoint site.

The Initial Issue:
My internal company sharepoint site has enterprise mode settings in IE that was forcing me from IE11 into an IE8 environment per my console:

HTML1122: Internet Explorer is running in Enterprise Mode emulating IE8.

The workaround:
Connect to site via the SSL in the browser, not via http/https URL. The connection looks something like this: file://xxx.xxx.xx.xx.net@ssl/xxxxx/xxx/xxx/index.html

I type it in the browser where a URL would go and it loads up perfectly. Albeit a little slowly.

The question: the work around was a suggestion that wasn’t fully explained to me but works a treat.
What exactly is happening here? Could someone explain what the file I am accessing is and why the sharepoint rules don’t apply? Does this process by pass any security I should be concerned about?

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