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I guess this error is related to following closed issue, which still exists. The issue closed recommending us to use remix-alpha, but remix-alpha still has the same error or I might be doing something wrong.

=> Is there anyone else facing with similar problem?

Deployed file names:

Lib.sol         # Library contract //uses around 1,600,000 GAS to be deployed.
myContract.sol  # Main contract    //uses around 3,400,000 GAS to be deployed.

I have tested my contract and it works perfectly fine on populus and remix’s JavaScript VM mode. So there is no issue on the contract’s code and its implementation.

But whenever I deployed my contract on the remix-alpha; and tested my code on the deployed code as on Web3 Provide mode, if there is a call to Library function, the function call crashes (thrown) at that point.

I really don’t know what causes this problem. This error is pretty annoying costing me hours and ether for each deployment, and facing contract does not work as it should be.

As simplified, I have an emptied Library function call:


/* Simple Library function */
function constructCluster() public {


When there is a call to that function; the function call is reverted().

myContract.sol: cluster.constructCluster(); //Contract is reverted()

[Q] Is there anyway to fix this issue? I am out ot options. The only solution comes to my mind to merge main contact and Library contract but when I merge them I face with following error: SolcError: InternalCompilerError: Static memory load of more than 32 bytes requested.

=> Instead of using remix browser, if I deploy my contract from geth-console would it help to fix the problem?

Please note that: I have tried shorten the contract’s name and deploy at http://remix.ethereum.org/. But the exact same contract gives same linkage problem on JavaScript VM mode at remix.ethereum.org that actually works at https://ethereum.github.io/browser-solidity ‘s JavaScript VM mode.

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