#StackBounty: #gnome #touchscreen #gimp How to move all vertical scrollbars to the left side?

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I am left-handed and recently started using the touchscreen on my laptop more. There is even a bluetooth connected stylus available for it that works quite well for painting with applications like MyPaint or Gimp.

However, whenever there is a dialog or window that has a scrollbar, it is annoying for a left-handed person to use the vertical scrollbar, which is usually located on the right side of windows.

For instance in MyPaint, the brush selection dialog is quite hard to use with a stylus held in the left hand. Also the layers dialog in gimp and so on.

Is there a way to tell Ubuntu/Gnome that I want all vertical scrollbars to appear on the left side in general (as in “not per application”)? Or at least for all GTK-based applications?

As a left-handed person I feel discriminated.

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