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I’m trying to use unity’s 2017 tilemap features. What I would like to do is push a tile’s sprite up (change its offset I think is the terminology?) so that the sprite moves up pixel by pixel and the top of the sprite loops back around to the bottom. Basically, I want to animate my “Water” sprite without having to build 20 different versions of the sprite to achieve the same effect. I was able to do this in Rotorz tiles by accessing its Atlas’ MainTexture Offset or something like that but this product is discontinued. This animation is similar to the water in classic RPG games like Ultima 4.

More than that, i would just love to have runtime access to the tiles to do other things: change out the entire sprite on a single tile, change the color, etc.

I have made a custom Tile class using this example:

But this only seems to effect tiles at the time of placement. Womp womp. 🙁

Is this possible and does anyone have a good example? Docs on this feature are scarce.

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