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The table does have an identity key (current CI), but it’s barely used to query. Because the natural key is not ever-increasing I’m afraid of insert performance, fragmentation or other problems that I don’t foresee now.

The table is not wide, with just a few columns. It has about 8 million rows and bringing our site to a halt during peak times. (+1000s concurrent users). The data is not easily cacheable, because it is quite volatile and essential that it’s up to date.

There are a lot of reads on one column of the natural key, but also quite active inserting and updating. Say 8 reads, vs 1 updates vs 1 inserts.

Id (PK)         int
UserId*         int
Key1*           varchar(25)
Key2*           varchar(25)
Key3*           int
LastChanged     datetime2(7)
Value           varchar(25)
Invalid         bit

* this combination is the natural primary key

I need to query the most of the time on:

  • All rows for one UserId (most queried)
  • All rows for a list of UserIds (a lot of rows)
  • All rows for a list of UserIds with Key1 = X
  • All rows for a list of UserIds with Key2 = X
  • All rows for a list of UserIds with Key1 = X and Key2 = X

I know the final answer is always “profile it”, but we are quite on a time constraint here so any guidance or experienced opinions in advance would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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