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I am building images to run Java on Nano server
Then adding Spigot for Minecraft with a copy command.
The Docker file Volume command breaks the build if it uses the same path I am coping to.

This breaks and will not start - Notice C:Installs
    docker run -p 2525:2525 -p 2020:25 -p 65500-65515:65500-65515 -v C:UsersabcdDesktopDockerspigotmc-buildRepo:c:Installs -it nano/java/spigot:1 .

This starts - Notice C:InstallsX
    docker run -p 2525:2525 -p 2020:25 -p 65500-65515:65500-65515 -v C:UsersabcdDesktopDockerspigotmc-buildRepo:c:InstallsX -it nano/java/spigot:1 .

The copy in the docker file is creating folders. None of those folders can be mounted Via docker file VOLUME or Command line. Any other folders can be mapped.
but i don’t know how to fix it.

I need to copy files to the docker and then mount is as a volumne to access via the host.

Another thing that may be related.
The Spigot Minecraft server is failing with an error that I think is related to fact that it cannot write to the folders its in. Which i coped in from the docker file on build.

I have posted on my Onedrive all the files I am using to build this.

Download extract and run the POWER SHELL SCRIPT BuildNanoJava.ps1.
It will build the whole thing for you.

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