#StackBounty: #windows-10 #drivers #mouse #touchpad #scrolling Lengthy struggle with two finger scrolling on ELAN drivers

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After several hours of frustration, I’m giving up.

The default trackpad driver of the Asus UX303U is truly catastrophic. I downloaded ELAN driver which is fantastic, but I am not able to turn on two finger scrolling. (On Windows 10 Home 64 bit.)

There’s a lot of online content about this, but nothing works for me.

  1. Going to Settings and then Touchpad, I get the Your PC has a precision touchpad. Scrolling down there are many options and among them is Drag two fingers to scroll under Scroll and zoom. Checking them has no effect.

enter image description here

Under Related settings, going to Additional settings and then to the ELAN tab, the options button is greyed out as depicted below. So I cannot access that either.

enter image description here

  1. When I run ETDAniConf, I get the blank window below. Running ETDSimpleUI gives an ETDSimpleUI has stopped working error.

enter image description here

How can I enable two finger scrolling? I am desperate.

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