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There is a script that checks whether packages up-to-date or not via a zypper up.

In this situation, team “A” creates the servers: they do zypper up, ok.
Another team validates the servers: they check that zypper up doesn’t show anything.

The problem: it may take one week or a full month until the validation team validates the servers, so when they issue a zypper up, they could see that, hey, it is not up-to-date!

We would need a solution that only checks that was it up-to-date when team “A” created the servers.

Are there any zypper up commands that only lists updates that were present 30 days before?

So far, I haven’t seen this feature in: https://www.suse.com/documentation/sles11/book_sle_admin/index.html?page=/documentation/sles11/book_sle_admin/data/sec_zypper.html or maybe just missing it out :

OR at least a command that says/checks: “all the packages were upgraded in less than a month ago”.

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