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I have looked a lot on Internet and can’t find a proper solution to this.
I have 3 screens plugged into my GPU, I will call them 1 2 and 3 for better understanding.
I want to switch between two setup without using Windows configuration display settings :

Setup one :
Screen 1 and 2 turn on, screen 1 as the main screen and screen 2 as extended to the right of screen 1.

Setup two :
Screen 3 only with screen 3 as the main display with screen 1 and 2 off.

Is there any possibilities to switch easilly between those two setup only.
For example bind a shortcut like Crtl+Alt+F1 for setup one and Crtl+Alt+F2 for setup two.
I would even prefer a way to remap options in the Project menu accessible from Win+p but so far I haven’t been able to find if it’s possible or not.

Edit 1:
I have try to dump the registry key with the screen configuration and reimport it, but it seems that I need to trigger some system call to make the change to registry effective.
If you know wich DLL or command I should invoke to refresh configuration modified in registry I could build a small script myself.

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