#StackBounty: #macos #boot #macbook-pro #reinstall Macbook Pro Late 2011 ran once but will not run again after reinstalling El Capitan OS

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Over the weekend, I wiped my drive and reinstalled my Mac’s OS using the MacOS Utilities.

Everything went fine with the reinstall, I was able to run the new OS (El Capitan) and even download Chrome.

I closed the lid on my mac (while machine still on) and went to sleep. The next morning, I was not able to turn the machine on again.

At first, I thought it was the battery, so I charged the battery for 2 hours and tried again. Nothing. No sound, no chime, no indications of any kind that the machine is running or trying to run.

I did notice the breath light was solid, however, after I reset NVRAM and PRAM, the breath light went off. More importantly, the mac still wouldn’t turn on.

Not sure what’s going on, one day it was good and next day no life.

Please help!

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