#StackBounty: #accessibility #text-input #spell-check Can i disable spellchecker popup but keep the red underline?

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The red underline on misspelled words is excellent, but the popup is awful.

This is the popup I do not want:
android spell checker suggestion popups

My keyboard app has a much better suggestion list, always. I think because it learns my typed words and handles two languages simultaneously, while the native android spell checker can’t do either of those things. But the keyboard app cannot underline words.
enter image description here

The unwanted popup breaks my accessibility input (I use a physical keyboard), forcing me to always: 1. click/touch the misspelled word, 2. wait for popup to show up with useless suggestions, 3. press back button to close popup, 4. click the correct word on the keyboard suggestion bar.

Is there any way to only highlight misspelled words and not show any popup on touch/click?

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