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I’m working on some legacy code with an old Solaris compiler on Solaris 10 (no new fangled C++0x here 😉

-bash-3.2$ CC -V

CC: Sun C++ 5.12 SunOS_sparc 2011/11/16

I’ve got a 3rd party dictionary class with an iterator

template<K, V>
class DictIterator
        DictIterator(TheDictClass<K, V>& collection);
        K key() const;
        V value() const;
        // advance the iterator. return true if iterator points to a valid item
        bool operator()();

My code is supposed to go through each item in the dictionary but has a compile error that I can’t explain:

DictIterator iterator(theDictionary);
    cout << iterator.key(); 

Fails with "filename.cc", line 42: Error: The operation "ostream_withassign<<Key" is illegal.

But this version works:

DictIterator iterator(theDictionary);
    Key key(iterator.key());
    cout << key; 

Obviously I’ve got a workaround but I thought that since DictIterator.key() returns a K (not a reference), the two snippets were pretty similar. Can anyone let me know what weird corner of C++ I’ve just bumped into?

edit: To answer comments, << is overridden ostream& operator(ostream &, Key&);

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