#StackBounty: #systemd #dns #docker #systemd-resolved How to allow systemd-resolved to listen to an interface other than loopback?

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systemd-resolved is a daemon that, among other things, acts as a DNS server by listening IP address on the local loopback interface.

I would like to let the daemon listen to another interface. My use-case is to expose it to docker containers, so that docker containers share the DNS caching provided by systemd-resolved. I know how to configure the host as a DNS server for docker containers, but at least by default, systemd-resolved rejects these DNS queries because they are not coming from the loopback interface, but from the docker bridge interface.

With dnsmasq (a tool similar to systemd-resolved), I did this by adding listen-address= to the configuration file. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a systemd-resolved equivalent.

Is there a way to configure which interface systemd-resolved listens on?

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