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I think xcode is having a laugh at me.

I open my old project that uses charts library

and get error

No such module Charts

where I use

import Charts

I then tried to remove Charts from my project. Downloaded new project. And dragged Charts.xcodeproj file into my project – no change

The way my files physically are organized is:

 - charts-ios
 - yourappplaform
 -- appcodegeneric (my source code and different .plist files for different apps)
 -- different-apps-asset-folder-1
 -- different-apps-asset-folder-2
 -- different-apps-asset-folder-x

Inside xcode IDE structure looks like this

- Charts.xcodeproj
- appcodegeneric
-- different-apps-asset-folder-1
-- different-apps-asset-folder-2
-- different-apps-asset-folder-x

I have updated xcode, charts etc. to newest. I have not yet updated to Swift 4 conversion process

It has been a long time since I touched my ios/swift project, so maybe I am missing something obvious – but this problem seems a bit odd to me.

After using “Clean” I now get the following error when I “Build”:

Module compiled with Swift 3.0.2 cannot be imported in Swift 3.3:

However – after cleaning that folder manually in Finder… I know get the same error as in the beginning:

no such module ‘Charts’

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