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I get that docker has some overhead and I wouldn’t expect it to be as fast as local bin, but 2 seconds overhead? It seems too much … Once the container is running, the execution itself seems the same.

$ time docker-compose run --rm php-cli php -i > /dev/null
docker-compose run --rm php-cli php -i > /dev/null  0,43s user 0,07s system 23% cpu 2,107 total

$ time php -i > /dev/null
php -i > /dev/null  0,04s user 0,01s system 98% cpu 0,050 total

Even the simple docker hello-world takes more time than I would think is appropriate.

time docker run --rm hello-world > /dev/null
docker run --rm hello-world > /dev/null  0,07s user 0,02s system 9% cpu 0,869 total

I tried stracing the command and it hangs on wait4 most of the time (which I guess is waiting for the docker daemon response? I’m not a pro so please correct me), here is partial output if that helps https://pastebin.com/pdA63zBi.

Is this expected behavior or is something wrong with my setup?

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