#StackBounty: #arch-linux #xrandr #laptop #dock Can't setup monitor after reconnecting ThinkPad T570 to USB-C dock

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I’ve got two monitors connected via DisplayPort to the dock. xrandr displays the external monitors as DP1-1 and DP1-2 and the laptop as eDP1.

I set up my monitors with the following in ~/.xprofile:

xrandr --output eDP1 --same-as DP1-1
xrandr --output DP1-2 --right-of DP1-1

This works fine. When disconnecting the laptop from the dock the laptop screen does the right thing, reverting to a single monitor. When reconnecting the laptop DP1-1 shows up, but DP1-2 remains blank. . ~/.xprofile changes nothing, and no error message is printed. I tried reconfiguring using the --crtc option, but all I ended up with were complaints that crtc-1 (or something similar) was not configured correctly. After trying a couple things I got “xrandr: cannot find output 0x46”, which I can’t find any precedence for.

After reconnecting the monitors have the same names (“DP1-1” and “DP1-2”) and both of them are shown as “connected” by xrandr.

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