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So I have some commands I am scripting up:


These run commands on multiple folders and spawn output windows (running tail -f on logs) and all sorts of other things.

However I they each take different commands and I want tab completion

So I read a tutorial on tab completion and I have the all-completion.bash script as shown here:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

complete -W "param1 param2 param3" all-build.sh
complete -W "status log push pull" all-git.sh

As you can see the all-build auto complete params are my own custom ones and I am happy with that. However the git ones are a repeat of some of the actual git parameters. So really what I want is something like:

complete <use git completion> all-git.sh

So that when I do all-git submodule upd<tab> it auto completes to all-git submodule update using git’s auto complete.

Is that possible?

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