#StackBounty: #windows-10 #taskbar #on-screen-keyboard Windows 10 tablet taskbar crashes when trying to bring up on-screen keyboard

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Starting about 2 weeks ago, my Dell Venue 8 Pro (Z3740D 2GB RAM) started acting up. When I am trying to type in text boxes, the on-screen keyboard does not pop up. This is the same regardless in Tablet Mode or Desktop Mode. When I try to press the keyboard on the taskbar, it does not pop up either. Other taskbar icons, like wi-fi, battery, etc seems to work fine. If I press keyboard multiple times, say 50, the taskbar will eventually crash. Only after taskbar restarted, the keyboard will pop-up (but that whole process takes half a minute or so).

I don’t think I installed any new application or device lately. It is all regular updates. My most recent update is 1803. Does anyone know how I should go about troubleshoot and fix it? I have a feeling that the problem happens after pressing the TaskView icon, the keyboard will likely to fail to launch.

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