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I have dropbox 52.4.58 installed on a Linux VM (Lubuntu 18.04 LTS). The dropbox instance can never finish syncing my folder and reach the Up to date status as a Windows version does on the same folder. Instead, the icon on Linux status bar always shows a busy status, and when hovering the mouse over it, it says:

Downloading 9 files…

for days. .

Currently, the folder does not seem to be in sync on my Windows and Linux machines. I have to stop and resume sync on the Linux instance to keep the folder synchronized. (The windows version works fine, and synchronize changes in minutes.) If I do so, dropbox (Linux) will restart indexing all files, and the changes will be pushed to other machines.

I also found a similar issue reported here.

Is it possible to show the 9 files that are being downloaded?

(If it’s the same files causing the problem, I hope I can identify them and delete them. I’m familiar with python and linux shell. Any suggestions there are welcome.)

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