#StackBounty: #go-ethereum #whisper How to send 1-N signalling or broadcast messages on Whisper?

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From Whisper wiki:

Low-latency, 1-1 or 1-N signalling messages.

Shh.post(self, message:) and Whisper Usage / shh.post

Creates a whisper message and injects it into the network for

Example usage of web3.shh.post, for more details please see this answer:

  ttl: 3600,
  topic: '0x07678231',
  powTarget: 2.01,
  powTime: 2,
  payload: web3.fromAscii("Hello there!")

When I remove pubKey from web3.shh.post as arguments; it says: Error: specify either a symmetric or an asymmetric key.

shh.post({ "topic": t, "payload": p }); No signature, no encryption: Anonymous broadcast; a bit like an anonymous subject-filtered twitter feed.

[Q] Since web3.shh.post()requires us to provide single public key of the receiver; is it possible to send 1-N or broadcast message using whisper protocol? If yes, how?

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