#StackBounty: #windows-10 #android #miracast Screen mirroring Android to Windows 10: How to enable keyboard/mouse as input devices?

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I’m using Android’s Miracast system to project my Android screen to my Windows 10 computer. This is working fine (though I notice I have to reboot my computer sometimes to get it to show up as an available device to the phone).

However, once I connect, I get this mysterious/unhelpful message:

Touch Input is Turned off. To turn it on, go
Back to your PC, and select action center >
Connect > the check box

As I’ve searched around, it appears this message is causing others confusion too. I think there is a checkbox in the Action center > Connect menu when connecting to some other devices (like maybe another Windows 10 box?). But nothing shows up in the Connect area when this Android device is connected, so I can’t figure out how to enable touch controls – there’s no checkbox to click.

(Basically I want to use my mouse and keyboard on the computer to control the inputs on the Android phone.)

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