#StackBounty: #gnome #xorg #18.04 #multiple-monitors #external-monitor Ubuntu 18.04 Dual Monitor Gnome Crashes

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I installed Ubuntu 18.04 on my Dell Inspiron 13 ( Tried an upgrade from 16.04, didn’t succeed, then reinstalled without data loss )

Here is what happens –

Switch on / Login to Gnome ( x11 ) with an external monitor attached > gnome becomes unresponsive

( Some time extensions are working fine since i can system monitor graphs scrolling, but mouse clicks and keyboard wont work )

Potential Culprits –

  • Multi monitor add on
  • Gnome itself

The only way that works –

Login without external monitor attached > disable multi monitor add on > attach external monitor > enable add on

this made me think the add on is at fault. But here is another scenario in which Gnome hangs –

Add on is disabled, fresh boot > login with external monitor attached > gnome unresponsive

Has anyone else faced this? What could be the potential issue / potential debugging steps?

No graphics card in picture

Its literally frustrating!

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