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I am using a 40″ 4K TV as a computer monitor. So I frequently have multiple applications open on different parts of the screen. I often move windows around, but it seems that Windows or Windows apps is/are designed to remember the absolute location on a screen where a modal window last was. The result is that dialog boxes and other sub-windows of applications are frequently popping up on the other side of the screen from where the application window actually is.

If things were better designed I would expect modal windows to remember their position relative to their parent window. That would make things less disorienting. I forget how it works on multiple monitors. Do modals at least pop-up on the same monitor as the app that spawns them?

Anyway, I am wondering if there is any possible way to force the behaviour I am looking for. Even a hotkey solution would be better than nothing. I was thinking of making an Autohotkey script to send Alt, Space, M, Any Arrow Key, which would then at least attach the window to the mouse so it could quickly be repositioned. But that only works for certain windows like Open and Save dialogs.

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