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I used to run Ubuntu 16.10. I had configured foobar2000 the same way via wine that I have now.
I often attach covers to new additions of my music library via foobar:
Back then foobar used to remember the previous directory from which a picture had been selected (so almost always /home/user/Downloads in my case). If some sub-directory no longer existed (becaues I had deleted it) foobar fell back to the “/”, “My computer”, “My documents”, “Trash” Menu next time, so I had to click My computer -> /Z: -> home -> user -> Downloads.

However on Ubuntu 18.04 I have to click through all of that each time that I export or attach a cover – no matter what.

Can I somehow get back to the old behavior?
Or could I add Downloads to favorites (I can see an empty Favorites Folder in the left corner of foobar’s file browser), so I only have to click one thing instead of five each time?

Any other suggestions?

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