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Do you have some suggestion how can I improve the performance of the catalogsearch_fulltext indexer for Magento 2.1.X

I already set this indexer to ‘Update By Schedule’ so only the updated products are refreshed thanks to Mview pattern.

I have ElasticSearch as search engine, but it is not really related to it.

I have around

  • 20k products
  • 7k products visible in search by store
  • 31 stores
  • less than 10 new custom searchable attributes

For a full re-index, Magento took around 10 minutes by stores, so around 5 hours for all stores.

I plan to re-index each store in parallel and increase the server CPU and memory because each catalog search index seems independent by stores.

I try to import products with a differential approach, but sometime my customer needs a full product import.

Edit: I did a POC thanks to https://github.com/amphp/parallel reducing from 5 hours to 14 min using the c5.9xlarge EC2 instance with 36vCPU. But I want to know if there is alternative solution. (>1000$ per month)

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