#StackBounty: #web-apps #shopping-cart Shopping cart for selling customized electronic membership cards (delivered by email)

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I am looking for a web app (or web-based service that can be integrated with an existing app) that would provide this functionality:

  1. Allows customizing the sold digital product on a per-user basis,
    such as writing customers name, membership ID, and an expiration
    date to a predefined image (some common image format such as png,
    jpg, or gif). In this case functionality to allow the buyer to
    customize the product is not needed.
  2. Can handle processing the payment, customizing the product, and
    emailing the product to the buyer automatically (i.e. without
    requiring a web admin to approve or process orders on the back-end).
    About the emailing it is also acceptable if it, instead of sending
    the email, is able to integrate with third-party apps (e.g.
    MailChimp) for the email handling.
  3. Preferably would come with an integration to some different payment

I would not expect this to be a free app/service and the price or monthly cost is not esp. important.

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