#StackBounty: #customization #nextpage How to create a page /1 using <!–nextpage–>?

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I am doing this on a post:

Content 1
Content 2
Content 3
Content 4

Which divides the content of my post/page into pages: Pages: 1 2 3 4, the URL of the post changes while you change of page:


As you can see there is not mysite/post/1, if I want to access to page 1 changing the URL it redirects me to mysite/post/, so it seems they are the same.

However, I found a site that does something a bit different and I am wondering how they do it, this one, as you can see, you start on mysite/post and after click on the button the next “page” is mysite/post/1.

So it seems there is a page/0 before all that or that they change the slug of each page, whatever the case I’d love to know how can I achieve that behavior, unfortunately, I couldn’t find much documentation about <!--nextpage-->

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