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I’m looking for some suggestions on how to fix a strange bug i’ve been getting with System.net.http.dll.

For the record, builds work fine as i have the mcs.rsp file in the /Assets/ folder with “-r:System.Net.Http.dll” inside. The problem lies with Visual Studio and it’s relation to Unity. I can add the reference to the dll by selecting “Analyzers” then hitting “Project” and Adding the dll found in:

C:Program FilesUnityHubEditor2018.2.2f1EditorDataMonoBleedingEdgelibmono4.7.1-apiSystem.Net.Http.dll

But VS changes the reference instantly to:

C:Program Files (x86)Reference AssembliesMicrosoftFramework.NETFrameworkv4.7.1System.Net.Http.dll

Then after a short amount of time, the reference i made just gets automatically deleted.

I’ve tried clearing the VS Cache inside of AppData/Local/ as well as clearing everything but the Asset Folder in my unity project (including obj, library, .CSPROJ, .sln files etc.)
But to no success.

Im using .NET 4.x in the project and it builds fine, its just that the VS reference keeps being deleted. so when it comes to “Attaching to Unity” i can’t execute until i re-assign the “temporary” assembly reference.

I’ve tried updating VS, Reinstalling it as well as unity 2018.2.1 and Unity2018.2.2 to no success.

I’m all ears.

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