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I know this question might sound familiar and there are plenty of posts out there on google with the same title BUT trust me this is different.

Editor : VS2008 (cannot upgrade it due to some technical difficulties)


How to get Captcha Image from a Web Browser without using SRC?

Why wouldn’t you use SRC?

Here is the site from which i am trying to get my Captcha Image
(The capta image appears once you type anything in User Name)

Now if you right click on the Captcha Image and go to inspect element you will see that the SRC of the captcha is:-

enter image description here


and whenever you try to go to that link it will give you a captcha that is different from the previous one. That is why i cant use the below code because it shows different captcha than the one showing in the WebBrowser right now.

HtmlElement element = webBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("imgCaptcha");
string src = element.GetAttribute("src");

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