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I am thinking how to structure a small home video surveillance system.

Actually in my house I have an only gateway/ADSL modem/router with the following setting:

ADSL modem/gateway IP:

Subnet mask configured:

DHCP enabled: start IP:, end IP:

I’m planning to create a subnet buying a new router on which I’m going to connect some outdoor ethrnet IP cameras.

All of these IP cameras record video on a specific NAS inside the subnet.

I have some doubts about the configuration I have to make to get these features:

  • from the main network I’d like to see all clients of the subnet (all IP cameras + NAS)
  • subnet doesn’t have Internet access and can’t see clients of the main network

I have no problems in installing/buying new hardware components to reach the specified features.
The main goal is to guarantee the “one way” visibility between the main network and the subnet.

In a couple of weeks I also have to change my main gateway (due to migration from ADSL to VDSL/FTTC) and I’m going to buy a FritzBox. Can the change of the main gateway offer me a valid solution to my problem?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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