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I am starting in AWS and server management in general and just set up a deployment pipeline with ECS and some containers.

My container :

  • My host port is 0 and redirected to container port 4200 (Angular default port)
  • Is behind an Application Load Balancer
  • A dynamic port is assigned

While I read the port mapping and load balancing documentations, I can’t wrap my head around how I can retrieve that port automatically and route it to the port 80. What I want is basically to access my website without port specification in the URL.

I know I can find the default port range in there :

Where I am stuck currently is :

1 – How can the chosen ephemeral port be mapped to the default http traffic port (80)

2 – How can I make sure that if the port is already in use, I still fetch the right port in the ephemeral port range so that this one can be mapped to 80.

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