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Im making a chrome extension where I want to create a security method for my chrome extension to stop it from getting shared without me in the process

I have an idea to generate a token somewhere (usually some backend, maybe server of the website that gets user registrations/payments my website which I am building with worpress), send token via email, get email+token in extension, make request to webserver to verify that they’re valid. This seems like a typical auth flow except the password is now the token, which is generated instead of set by the user. In other news, I have more ideas (Extension-side prng with shared seed, can check to see if token is within X generations for eg.)

I want to be able to sell tokens on my website which only allow one use to prevent the token from being shared.

I tried to setup the Auth0 for the chrome extension but I keep getting errors and the process doesnt lead to how I would want done.



is a great example of what I want to be able to do. Can anyone help me doing this? I am building my website in wordpress not hard coding it so Im not sure on How to do this exacly

If anyone can point me in a direction of what I am supposed to do or maybe provide some code that could help me?

I tried to npm innstall auth and put that in my manifest.json bit it doesnt work and it seems as if it doesnt do what I want.

I really appreciate the help Thank you <3

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