#StackBounty: #kernel #initramfs #zfs #dkms Is zfs-dkms required for ZFS support in generic kernels?

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I adapted a ZoL guide for putting Ubuntu Server 14.04 on ZFS root for 18.04 Bionic Beaver and desktop installations: http://vlog.averyfreeman.com/doku.php/ubuntu.18.04.desktop.on.zfs

I’m trying to make sure I have all of the information correct, I’ve run into a couple issues I’m not sure how to answer:

Does ZFS support in Ubuntu for generic kernels require the zfs-dkms package, or is just zfs-initramfs enough? (Do generic kernels in Ubuntu have kABI extensions?)

If anyone actually follows it, I’d like them to have a bootable system after a kernel upgrade! 🙂

Also, is there a way to prevent having to invoke # zfs import -f
and reboot after boot of updated kernel?

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