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My situation:

Table: User { Id, Name, Stone, Gold, Wood }

I have “write” threads:

  • miningThread (every minute)

UPDATE User SET Stone = @calculatedValue WHERE Id=@id
UPDATE User SET Wood = @calculatedValue WHERE Id=@id

  • tradingThread (every minute)

UPDATE User SET gold = @calculatedValue WHERE Id=@id

  • constructionThread (every minute)

UPDATE User SET Wood = @calculatedValue WHERE Id=@id
UPDATE User SET Stone= @calculatedValue WHERE Id=@id

And have “write” requests from users:

  • SellResource

UPDATE User SET Stone(Wood,Gold) = @calculatedValue WHERE Id=@id

(calculatedValue is calculated by C# bussiness logic code)

In this case, I have a lot “lost update” problems if i set read_commited_snapshot isolation level.
But if i set serializable or snapshot level, all work fine


I was looking at an “isolation levels comparison” table and saw that serializable and snapshot isolation solve all problems with concurrent transactions. However, serializable is very slow.

  1. Can I use snapshot isolation for all write transactions? I don’t
    want chaos in my tables. My business logic is hard and always changing.
  2. Does snapshot isolation have flaws?
  3. What isolation level is better for readonly transactions?

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