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I am developing a backend server using SailsJS. It basically injects all model helper services, as well as my own services into the global namespace. It would benefit me greatly if I was able to get Intellisense for those services.

I first set up typings and installed global type definitions for lodash and node. It works like a charm after creating a jsconfig.json and tsconfig.json files.

Next I wanted to create a basic definitions file for my own services. I created a directory in typings/globals with a index.d.ts file in it:

declare namespace foo {
    export function bar();
declare var baz: { some: number };

This is just to make sure I don’t waste time writing definitions if they won’t work.

Next I included that index.d.ts file in typings/index.d.ts by adding a reference tag:

/// <reference path="globals/psiewakacje/index.d.ts" />

To my surprise, it does not work in my project’s Javascript files. Upon typing foo. or baz. I do not get any sensible Intellisense.


The only Intellisense support I was able to get was when I imported those services in every file via:

import * as InternalParser from '../services/InternalParser';


var InternalParser = require('../services/InternalParser');

but this doesn’t use Typescript’s definition files and just gives me the exported properties. Overall a not desirable result.


I wonder how to get it to work correctly. I looked at node’s and lodash’s type definition files and they do the same: declare a variable / namespace with a specific type. However, their definitions work in Javascript and mine don’t. How to get it right?

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