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I’ve got a problem with the Screen Sharing connection to my macos server.
I’m using a macbook pro to connect to my mac server. It works fine on the local network, but fails to connect from remote networks via internet.

I can connect via AFP and SSH to the server remotely, websites and mail work fine as well al the Server App from any network. It is just the Screen Sharing that stopped connecting at some point few months ago, wrestling to solve it since then.

The port TCP 5900 is forwarded on my router, (I have also forwarded the 4120 for Keberos authentication, as listed on Apple’s website but it doesn’t seem to do any good).

My server runs macos 10.13.4 at the moment.
It is connected to the internet via SKY broadband (UK, Hub model ER115, Firmware 2.07.2356.R, DSL Firmware VersionA2pv6F039m1.d24m) and Apple router (Airport Express 7.6.9).

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